Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Vehicles shine at Dayton, Washington, car show

Dayton's annual Show 'n Shine
All roads lead to Dayton, Washington, the third weekend in June for the community’s All Wheels Weekend, one of the biggest car shows in eastern Washington.

Car owners have been wowing crowds since 1995 with everything from vintage Model Ts to the newest muscle cars on the market today. Some pretty cool motorcycles also can be seen at Saturday’s big Show ‘n Shine. Hundreds of cars line both sides of this small community’s Main Street, while hundreds more people show up to ooh and aah over these carefully restored vehicles.

Through traffic on U.S. Highway 12 is rerouted for several blocks on Main Street, so visitors can gawk in safety.

The show ‘n shine is the big event, Other events in the three-day weekend include a demolition derby, sock hop and lawn mower races.
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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rest in peace at Lenore

Lenore rest area
The Lenore Rest Area is probably one of the prettiest rest areas you’ll ever see.

Well-tended lawns. Tall stately trees providing shade for picnic tables. The sounds of the Clearwater River rushing by. All combine to give this rest area a sense of peace and serenity.

Throw in a little history and what more could you ask for?

Near the main restroom is an historic sign that says this was used as a steamboat port during the Clearwater Gold Rush of 1861. The port was caked Slaterville after Seth Slater who founded the port and community of about 50 residents. It was home to two stores, two houses and a saloon. After a steamboat crashed here, the port was replaced by a new port in Lewiston.

A few yards away, around a bend in the rest area’s road, is another marker, this one devoted to Indian housing. An Indian village once was located on this spot, where Indians lived, fished and hunted or 10,000 years.  Just below the bank is one of the best fishing holes on the Clearwater River; a road leads down to the river so today’s fishermen can try their luck.
The rest area is located on U.S. Highway 12 between Lewiston and Orofino, Idaho.