Thursday, January 19, 2012

NOT a winter wonderland!

This much snow fell in 12 hours yesterday. It
took me 15 minutes to clean off my car.
Washington, where I live, is covered in snow. It's not a winter wonderland, though some areas may look like a scene straight off a Christmas card. It's freezing, nasty, treacherous stuff that is causing a lot of problems.

My! How my opinion of snow has changed since I was a kid. Lo those many decades ago, as soon as the first flakes fell, we started figuring out how much snow had to fall before they'd let school out early or cancel it the next day. Because most of the students rode buses and the town was surrounded by high hills, we deduced that six inches of snow were needed on Bald Peak Road before we could shelve the books and make snowmen.

Then I moved to Anchorage, Alaska, where snow from mid-October to April, sometimes May, was just too darned much snow. Winters are so long there that many people get severe cabin fever. Spring is known as "suicide season" because some people don't feel they hold out any longer and kill themselves in March. After eight winters there, this concept began to make sense to me, so I left.

But my winters there left me with a profound hatred of the white stuff, and I now suffer from seasonal dysfunctional syndrome, sometimes so severely I have to be sedated when the snow starts to fall.  One of these days, my husband and I will become snowbirds so we can bask in warmth in January.

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