Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chukar Cherries

One of the places we like to go on Sunday afternoon drives is Prosser, usually riding our motor scooters over the back roads. Once at Prosser, we head straight for Chukar Cherries.

If you like your chocolate with a little fruit or some nuts, this is the place to go. Diets be damned!

Chukar Cherries started out by coating dried cherries in rich milk chocolate, and then expanded their line of gourmet goodies from there.

A recent article in the local newspaper expounded on the firm's success since it was founded in 1988. It also details the processes by which the different products are made.

Chukar Cherries makes a great stop when you're tired of freeway driving. Just take the Prosser exit 80 off I-82, then drive past the rest area until you get to Chukar Cherries,about a mile I'm guessing.

Prosser is also a great place to stop to sample Washington wines. Wineries are scattered throughout the Prosser area, but Wine Country Road has a nice concentration of them.

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