Saturday, July 4, 2015

Be sure to wave as you drive into Lewiston, Idaho

Lewiston, Idaho, is a friendly city, where townsfolk greet strangers with a hearty “how are you?” or wave as they drive by. It’s no surprise, then, to be greeted by a wave as you enter the city from Washington State on the other side of the Snake River.

This wave, made from dozens of canoes, is one of the coolest statues you’ll probably ever see. .Dubbed the “Cool Wave,” this fantastic outdoor artwork has an equally fantastic mural as a backdrop.  Together they present a powerful image to motorists who drive across the Highway 12 Blue Bridge from Clarkston, Washington, into Lewiston.

The wave, which some people think resembles a swimming fish per the background mural, is designed from 44 used canoes, all painted silver. It was created by Christopher Fennel, an Alabama engineer turned artist. His creation cost the City of Lewiston $99,500, and was part of a $900,000 project to enhance the east entrance to Lewiston.

The sculpture is 23 feet high. Directly behind it is a 27-foot tall, 150-foot long mural that depicts fish swimming as wide waves radiate out from the center. One end of this acrylic on concrete mural wraps about the building. The mural was painted by brothers Rolf and Peter Goetzinger.

See more photos of this unique  artwork below.

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